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Areas of Services                                                                       

On the Phone


Monthly / Quarterly / Annually

>> Management accounts prepared in accordance with latest appliable accounting standards.

>> Financial reports provided to you showing how your business is doing including: Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account, and the Cash Flow Statement.

>> Work with external auditors in the annual audit of financial statements for submission to regulators.

>> With an extra charge, can assist to arrange external auditors and to facilitate the whole auditing process.

Business Meeting

Company Secretarial

New company set up / Filing of annual returns and other notice

>> Assist to set up a company limited by shares in Hong Kong.

>> Service include conducting search on the availability of the name of the company.

>> The price include, the certificate of incorporation, business registration, 1 (One) rubber stamp and 1(One) “For and on behalf of “ rubber stamp and a standard article of association as provided by the company registry.

>> To act as the company secretary of your company to hold the necessary meeting and to file the necessary returns to the Company Registry.

Business Partners at Work

Tax representative

Tax reporting 

>> To act as the tax representative in the preparation and filing of the relevant tax returns to the Inland Revenue Department by the relevant deadline.


>> To provide assistance in answering the enquiry raised by the Inland Revenue Department in relation to the tax returns submitted.

Glass Ceiling

FATCA reporting

Other regulatory reporting

>> To provide assistance in the preparation of data in relation to your Overseas Financial Institution to a format recognised by the Inland Revenue Services of the United States. 


>> To provide assistance in obtaining the relevant approval from relevant regulators in Hong Kong, if necessary, to facilitate the release of information for FATCA reporting purpose.

Stock Market Quotes

CRS / AEOI reporting

Common Reporting Standard (CRS) / Automatic Exchange of Financial Account (AEOI) reporting

>> To provide assistance in the preparation of data in relation to your reporting financial institution for reporting to the Inland Revenue Department of Hong Kong.

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